5 Must Visited Food Places in Kolkata

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Kolkata, the city of joy is always ready to wonder you with the variety of food. There are some places here, you must visit if you are a foodie.


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1> What’s in d Name

It’s mainly famous as a nightclub, but it’s one of the places with great ambience in Kolkata. It mainly serves finger food, wine and several other tasty stuff. The place is air-conditioned and has wifi facilities and the quality of a wine is too good. A good chilling out place, this is situated near Camac Street. The price is 1500 for two people. You must visit this place if you are a night crawler and love ambience with drinks.


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2> Pour House

This is one of the most beautiful, chilling place in Kolkata, This beauty in Sector Five, Saltlake, near RDB cinema, GP block keeps a large variety of cocktails and mocktails. You will also enjoy the Audi rings and biriani. It’s a perfect place to hang out with friends. It takes 1100 for two people to have a proper meal here.Give this a visit.


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3> Zucca Lounge

Do you love breezy nights and peppy music? If Yes, then this is the place you are looking for. Try having a seat in their terrace area and it’s absolutely beautiful. This place is best for parties and chilling. It serves tasty Shanghai Surprise Pizza and Caribbean Breeze. This is in Hemanta Mukhopadhay Sarani, Southern Avenue and the price is 1500 for two. Spend your special evening here with friends and get lost in mesmerizing ambience.


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4> 10 Downing Street

It is a perfect date destination. It has a vivid decor and very delectable food. It takes only 800 for a date and at the same time pleases you with beautiful ambience and amazing music. Their Chinese mushroom and garlic rice are mouthwatering.This beauty in Sector V, Saltlake is a must visit for couples.


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5> Mughal Khaan

This is an amazing Mughlai Cuisine near DumDum road. If you are a Mughlai fan, this is your destination. It’s very cheap, 750 for two and serves amazing mutton biriyani and chicken chap.


Don’t just sit there.Let your food venture begin.

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