5 reasons why black is the trendiest colour that never goes out of fashion.

Source: blog.littlewoodsireland.ie

1) Mix matching wiith Black can be paired with literally any colour if you like mixing and matching your outfit, black is the perfect colour. It can never go out of style. Black is always elegant, it is the most complete colour in the whole world which is made up of all the colours in the palette.

2)Accessories also add extra spark to your look. A chunky gold accessory goes well with a black coloured dress. Silver and bronze work equally well with black as well as diamond, which makes it just a little extra special.

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3) Little black dress(LBD)- If in doubt about what to wear at a party a little black dress always comes to help. You can never go wrong with it. It gives you a classy and a sophisticated appearance always.

4)You can wear black at any time of the day, any day of the week and any month of the year. It is so not seasonal. Whether it’s a party, any special occasion, a date or a casual night out, black colour always looks great all the time.

5)Black helps you to hide that unwanted baby fat and ensure a more shapely appearence. It has all the potetential to make you look sexier! Black hides the odds and the irregularities on your body. Black is the easiet way to look classy and sexy.