5 types of shoes every man should have


You are going out with your girlfriend for the first time or your boss has asked you out to dinner with some clients and you want to make the perfect impression, and then it occurs to you that your shoes are not matching your clothes. Many a time we men are faced with the dilemma as to what shoe would be applicable in a particular scenario. It is at times like these that you wish you had taken care of your wardrobe a little more efficiently.

Guys, the main prerequisite to dressing well is the ability to have the correct shoe to wear at a particular occasion. We spend little thought on it but our dress becomes incomplete without the right kind of shoes. If you arm yourself with the next five types of shoes I mentioned below, you shall never have a problem dressing for any occasion.

#1. Casual Shoes


Source: ebay.in

Everyone needs to go out during the day, so instead of wearing formal shoes or sport shoes with jeans why not invest in a casual shoe which you can wear anywhere say to the local store, the thrift shop or just to the library and back. It’s a multi-purpose footwear you can wear anywhere without having to worry about how it looks. And generally these are made of tough material meant for everyday wear and tear so this reduces the headache of maintenance as well.

#2. Sneakers

Source: adidas.co.uk

If you are the parkour or the outdoor sports guy, and casual shoes are just not enough, then why not invest on a pair of sneakers. As there are built for a more athletic persona, it specifically compliments your style for any eventuality, say gully cricket or football or basketball. Whatever the game, they are your go to shoes.

#3. Black dress shoes.


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However in any white collar event or party, formal black dress shoes become paramount. Wearing a casual shoe there is just plain wrong. Black dress shoes become important for suits as well as formal dresses. It may be with a brogue (as shown above) or without it. Either way it is one of the essentials of a men’s wardrobe.

#4. Brown dress shoes.

Source: ebay.in

Sometimes, if you are wearing a tweed suit or a brown three piece suit and you want to complete the flow into the shoes, the brown/tan dress shoes is an essential. Like it’s black counterpart it is applicable in any and all formal combinations, as well as specific dresses which require a contrast. It may or maybe without a brogue (as shown above).

#5. Boots

Source: aliexpress.com

Finally we arrive at the quintessential trip worthy shoe which can brave all weather phenomenon as well as give you a stylish look while you are at it. It can be in any colour. Maybe made of any material, like leather, suede, etc.

So if you have these five types of shoes in your wardrobe you shall never face this dilemma again. These 5 shoe types can cater to almost 95% of all clothing available. Not only are these life savers, but they also put forward to the opposite person that you take care and groom yourself for the optimum impression.