A Cafe Where You Pay as per Your Wish

Source: reacho.in

Have you ever been in a cafe where your bill is already paid by someone who ate before you and arrived with a footnote which says that your meal was a gift from someone who dined before you, to keep this chain moving contribute something for those who will dine after you?

Yes, the Seva Cafe of Ahmedabad has taken the Indian belief “Atithi deba bhaba” and has started treating its customers as their guests and part of a family. They have converted the transaction into a bond of trust.

The best part of the cafe is, it allows you to contribute and not a single money goes to their pocket. It is more like an experiment of peer to peer faith and trust.

This act of theirs has turned scarcity into abundance. There is no injustice, nothing unfair. Rich or Poor whoever walks into this cafe and dine are treated with equal respect. Their food is well cooked with love and care, served with kindness and warm heart which makes it even tastier.

Source: thewandercollection.wordpress.com

In a third world country like India where poverty is a burning problem and hunger takes life, this is an effort worthy of a salute. Their peer to peer experiment deserves a success and for that, you need to be a part of it. With your love and little contribution, you can help them to keep this going and help the needy.