A Candid Chat with Amy Chowdhury


Tathagata Banerjee’s film Mondobasar Golpo which released on 24th March has already garnered positive reviews among the audience. The film is a psychological love story with a twist. It depicts an unconventional love story between a film maker and an actor. Hence there is a film within a film in this movie.
Kolkata’s famous ramp model Amy Chowdhury has also made her debut with a remarkable cameo in the film. In an exclusive interview with the team of Daily Icons, Amy shared her experience of entering the world of Tollywood.


1) Tell us something about your debut film Mondobasar Golpo…..
This is my first step in acting industry, my character is very small but yet very much noticeable . After releasing the film I have got huge appreciation & response from people in general. I didn’t expect people would start recognizing me. It’s great to see myself as an actor on IMDB list.

2) How was it working with some of the best actors in Tollywood industry?

It was one of the most memorable journey for me & my life working with such amazing actors like Paoli Dam, Parambrata Chatterjee, Indrasish Roy & the whole unit of Mandobasar Galpo. They didn’t make me realize for moment that I was a new comer, they treated​ me quite well from the director to the fashion stylist everyone! I will be always grateful to the Mandobasar Galpo team for making my life so beautiful.


3) Did you go for some training to prepare yourself for the role in the movie?
No I didn’t get any kind of training or workshop though it was my first time in acting field but director Tathagata Banerjee, Script Writer Sanjib Banerjee, Actor Dipanwita, Ritu Rai & Anindita Bose di helped me a lot during the shoot.

4) Tell us something about your role in the movie….
My character name is Amy who is a renowned , snobbish, little arrogant Fashion stylist.


5) What made you decide Mondobasar Golpo to be your debut film?
One day I got a call from our Script Writer Sanjib Banerjee & he asked me to do this. Initially I was not ready to go for this role because I’ve never been into acting but after meeting our Director Tathagata Banerjee I decided to give a shot like audition for the script & I got selected. This is how I became a part of “Mandobasar Galpo”

6)What are your future plans? Do we get to see you in the silver screen anytime soon?
Well I had never thought I could be an actor because I used to think I can’t act but after giving shots our Director said I act quite well with ease, so may be in future if I get good script I would love to work again.

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