A Candid Chat With DJ Veronika


Vidhi Ranga or popularly known as DJ Veronika started her career as a law student from Mumbai but found her love for music soon afterwards. A nationwide recognized DJ, who has played in almost all the states of the country, DJ Veronika is one of the very few female DJs who spins Hip hop music in the country along with Electronic Dance Music, Nu-Disco, Bollywood, Retro Music, Deep House, Electro House, Techno, progressive, commercial house among others.

In an Exclusive Interview with the Daily Icons, DJ Veronika also discussed about her second album ‘Club Insanity : Volume II’. In a career span of six years she has released a lot of singles, mix tapes, remixes but this is probably her first album whose Volume I had released in November and Volume III is scheduled to release January, 2017. She shares that the person who motivated and inspired her to become a DJ owing to her brilliant taste in music is her best friend and one of the most talented DJs of Mumbai, The Spin Doctor. As soon as she started her course for DJing, she felt passionate about the profession and gave her best to master the skill.

She got immense support from her mother whom she calls her best guide and adviser. DJ Veronika believes that there’s nobody as a competition for anyone. The path that one follows to excel in their form is the same as that is followed by others as well, because it’s after all being an artist. Her motto as an artist is to spread smiles and not negativity thus she never considers other DJs as her competition but supports them in their work too. Rather she takes inspiration from them and sets a benchmark for herself that she keeps on improving with time. Her advice to the young DJs is to give their best in whatever field they want to go ahead in and follow their heart.

When asked about her connection with Kolkata, she shares, “Kolkata has been a very beautiful city for me. This is the fourth time I’m here. It has been very peaceful. Whenever I’ve come to Kolkata, I’ve made sure i visit Dakhineshwar , Kalighat and especially Belurmath. Belurmath is a very peaceful place and i absolutely love it. I’m a person who meditates alot so i love that place because it gives me a very peaceful vibe. The people of Kolkata are sweet as well, just like rasgulla.” DJ Veronika has also launched a music company, The Music Criminals, which is an artist management company, where she invites all leading and upcoming DJs of the country to come together and collaborate and spread our Bollywood music across the borders. Her agenda behind the idea of her company setup is to give a global exposure to the bollywood music through their remixes. Global Icon wishes DJ Veronika and her team all the best for her future endeavors and initiatives and hopes that she continues to inspire the younger generation to follow their dreams and make a mark for themselves.