An Evening For Women Labour


The International Labour’s Day or the ‘Antarrashtriya Shramik Diwas’, as celebrated in India, was just around the corner. The requirement for such a day was emphasised so that the workers of the world must reunite to achieve independence. But even after so many decades of spending this day, what people haven’t yet understood is the true essence of this day.

Labour’s Day is not a term which is restricted to only one gender of the society. What about the fairer sex who’s still believed to be suitable for only the house chores? Well the equality is still missing when it comes to the recognition of labour given by the females.

An estimate by the International Monetary Foundation suggests that in India, if the female workforce participation rate could match the rate for men, 217 million additional women would be employed in the country, which would ultimately result in the boost of the economic output by 27%. But unfortunately India’s female labour force participation has declined over the last two decades.To discuss various issues on female labour and to felicitate women who have been an inspiration for the females, Zafire Events and KolEvents Management companies organised the event “We The Women”, on Monday to celebrate the essence of womanhood and to promote women empowerment in the field of employment. The event took place in Novotel and eminent personalities like Jimmy Tangree (RJ, 91.9 FM head), Riecha Sharma (Mrs India International), Sujit Bose (MLA Bidhannagar) graced the occasion.The chief guest of the evening was Mrs Sheela Ghosh, an 87 year old hardworking woman who’s very famous in Kolkata for single handedly running her house. A panel discussion followed later on, upon the topic of the issue of female labour in India. The panelists were Rhitobroto Bhattacharya, Joie Bose, Dr Basabi Chakraborty, Dr Mallavika Desai, Reshmi Bagchi, Amartya Mukhopadhaya and Sudarshan Chakraborty. The event, which turned out to be very successful, advocated the goal of engaging women in full employment so that they could get better monetary benefits and recognition for their work.