An exclusive with Kolkata’s upcoming DJ, Sushmit Moitra.


When we think of spinning records, we normally think of the glitz and glamour and the sick beat drops which makes everyone jump out of their skins and lose their minds to the rhythm, seldom do we care to look beyond the veil and look at the touching origin stories these artists have.

On my heart to heart with one of the most promisingself-made, multi-faceted DJ of this city, I was taken on this ride of soulful ride to understanding oneself and the hardships even these “beat gods” face when it comes to making it in the world.


Q) So my first question is: “Tell us when and how this journey to becoming a DJ started?”

A) “I loved music from birth. Music of any sort. DJing became my passion when I was in class 8, I saw DJs perform here and there, attended a few live shows just out of interest also soon there was no escaping my destiny. So I started of myhumble journey from 2012, after passing my 12th grade exams.

I started with basic softwares like Virtual DJ, FL Studio and Audacity and carried on till 2014, I was also continuing my studies simultaneously. My mother disliked the whole idea, and even now she still doesn’t like to see me play till 2am in the morning. But my father’s support was monumental throughout but with one caveat, such that my studies do not get hampered.”

Q) Wow you are living the dream! Tell us more.

A) (Scoffs) “Yes, in 2015, I pleaded my father to buy me a console. My father, being a great businessman that he is, told me to give him a business plan as to how I planned to get returns on this investment.
So I, driven by my burning passion wrote down all possible ways I would get shows and show him the profits of the investment. I asked for a 6months’ time from him.
I learned DJing through internet following various videos, podcasts, blogs and tutorials and practiced day in day out on my new console. I used to practice vehemently for up to 4hours a day, non-stop.”

Q) That is quite like the “all or nothing” form of dedication you displayed there. So how did you make it work?

A)“During those days no one knew me as a dj, and in my locality there were 4-5 djs already who used to do private parties here and there, I was many a time, bullied by these very so called artists. They told me I could not become a DJ if I had not learnt it from someone. They said I could not continue on this way to my dream as no one knew me back then, and I would be out of my mind to think people all over the city would know me. They also tried various other nefarious techniques to get me to quit. So I decided to take their jibes head on as a challenge.

Thus I started my own struggle with just me and my friends and no sponsors or promoters. I started promoting myself as DJ by making posters of myself as a DJ for events and private parties along with my contact, and my friends and I used to put them up on different walls almost all over Southern Kolkata. We used to put them up at 2 or 3 in the wee hours of the morning, as we were scared of getting caught by the police. I shall remember those times as the hardest moments of my life, which I did to get on my feet, as whatever I am wherever I am. I am because of that struggle.

After few month, my struggles paid off, I started getting shows nearby, for birthday parties and marriage ceremonies, better than my past ones. I always had a one vision in my mind, and that wasto perform my best at each and every show wherever I may go, so that people get impressed by my work and call me for other events. Even now I stick to that habit.
So, fast forward to March 2016, I got my first chance to perform as a DJ in a club. It was ‘The Masque’ (Spring Club). I still remember practicing for it for more than 3 weeks, I made different sets. I stole the show that night. I still remember everyone being so impressed by my work, that they even booed the next DJ while he was playing, demanding me to play again.
Later I performed in various other venues like Shimmers, Underground, Virgose, Park prime, Orkos, Ginger, La dolce Vita, Buddha lounge, Preach, Illusion, vault etc.

Now I have done more than 75 events in various clubs of Kolkata within a year’s time.”

Q) During those early years of struggle, what was your mind-set that kept you going? 

A) I always thought “Many follow me, many love me, many say its luck, and many says it’s impossible, many feel I lied, but I know what I’ve worked for and my struggle. And I always say everyone has to fight for what they love. Then you will surely be a success one day.”

Q) I saw that you have already started remixing famous songs like “nashesi chad gayi” and “Let me love you.” Are these remixes your way of leaving behind your legacy?

A) Being an engineer, and hailing from a family with a business background, I have always wanted to produce something new, I followed shows, DJs, making live mixes on the internet. I got a vast knowledge from social media that helped me reach my success. And every day I’m trying to learn something new from everything I see.

Q) So do you see yourself producing under a label or under your own label in the near future?

A) “I love to produce something that is out of the box, music which the people love to hear. Which will make them groove. Production is such a thing which has no end of it. Learning new stuff every day. My work is also being reviewed by Star DJs like Tejas Patel, Tarun Rishiraj and few others.

I am actually an entrepreneur by day and a DJ at night. So I do not get much time to produce music lately, and I hate ghost productions which has become common for most DJs nowadays. I am currently working on some projects that I will send to various labels in the near future. Would be happy to work under them and create my own label in the future.”

Q) How has your experience been spinning records in Kolkata? What is the music scene like presently?

A) “It’s great, many talented DJs are already in the market, many more are popping up, and people here mainly prefer the latest chartbusters, both International and Bollywood, with a some TRAP and Reggaeton mixes. The style of Music is changing and as a DJ we have to be updated with it always.

Q) Is the Music scene waking up to newer genres like Ambience and Synth-house and Tropical or are they more inclined to more classical genres?

A) “Tropical music was always a been a favourite and people loved it and still do, but genres like Trap and Big room music are taking up the centre stage now. I play Reggaeton andMoombahton tracks mainly”

Q) Tell us something about yourself which nobody knows.

A) “I was a football player for my school and college teams and played at high standard levels like district tournaments. Hobbies also include rock climbing (which I was actually very good at for a particular period of time), painting, trekking, playing indoor games like chess, table tennis, outdoor games like cricket, volleyball, basketball, etc.
I was also the convenor of my college. Used to arrange all the fests and fresher’s events at my college, bringing sponsors, etc. I worked at this post for a stint of two long years from 2014-2016.”


We cordially thank him for taking time out from his busy routine for this interview. I was more than moved by his story and we at Dailyicons, wish him all the best for his future endeavours, and wish to see him at a club near us…
Till then check out his Facebook Page at: and show him some love. And also his Youtube channel at:

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