An Insight into the Rice Bucket Challenge


You’ve probably heard about the Rice Bucket Challenge which is taking the Internet by a storm. We’ve come across a lady who has been behind the success of the Rice Bucket Challenge in Kolkata along with her family, Mrs Zara Chisti Abedin. In a candid interview with her, we’ve come to get a better insight of this initiative and the event.

1. What is the Rice Bucket Challenge?

Rice bucket challenge is a mass rice donation campaign where we give 5 kgs of rice to one person.

2. How did you get the idea to come up with something like this?

This was started by Manju ji from Hyderabad who started giving one packet of rice to the needy so Mohammad Tauseef started this in Kolkata and eventually it became big with the support of family and friends.

3. Where did it all start from?

  In 2014 we wanted to do the same here in Kolkata as Manju ji was doing in South India. So with the help of family and friends that year we collected 5000 kgs of rice and distributed it to the people from slums at Ladies Park with help of volunteers from Tiljala Shed Camp.

4. What response have you got from the people of Kolkata?

The response was amazing as the second year we collected around 20 thousand kgs and last year it went to 39000 kgs of rice and the best part was that Manju ji also joined us here in Kolkata to see how we do it. She was very happy and impressed to see our dedication.

5. What achievements have you received from this initiative?

The achievements that we were looking forward to and which we accomplished was the smile on so many faces.

6. What other activities have you done in the field of social work?

This credit goes entirely to Mohammad Tauseef, he initiates the project and we as a family stand by him supporting him thoroughly. Tauseef has also built around 200 bathrooms all over slum areas for women as well as supported the Ragpickers of our city in their issue and it’s very difficult to actually count on what work we do. We actually help people socially in daily basis be it a very small work or something big as rice bucket challenge. All we try is to help people in their daily life.

7. Are you associated with any NGO?

Yes, we are not officially part of Tiljala Shed but we support each other on every aspect.

8. What are your future plans?

There is no such plan but we try our best to help as many as possible.

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