Be Fearless In The Pursuit Of What Sets Your Soul On Fire : My Moto For Life Says Emcee Silvy. Indulging In The Life Of An Emcee From The City Of Joy!


1. An anchor is a very unique choice as a profession, so what made you choose the path less trodden?

– Well, my profession chose me instead and things just fell into place without much effort from my end. I was literally served on a silver platter. Since long I wanted to pursue architecture and dance as a dual profession! I always was too ambitious and greedy to learn and explore. God had other plans and definitely better ones so I was offered to anchor a New Year’s Eve event in a prestigious retreat and I was all game to unravel new avenues. Destiny had all figured out before even I could even blink.

2. In your early years, who was your single greatest motivation to pursue your dreams?

Ironically, I never really had dreamt of becoming an anchor so didn’t really follow anyone or anything. Having said that, I was a stage performer from a young age of 11. An artist will agree with me when I claim, the stage is addictive and obsessive, your art on stage isn’t just the passion u live but for me, it was my oxygen, I lived to perform. So I guess, stage, my craft, and my passion was my motivating factor.

3. I, personally was a big fan of 107.8 Power FM and during school, I used to listen to it all day long, so did most of Kolkata’s youth for that matter, so how was that experience of being a radio jockey in Kolkata’s most famous radio station(at the time)?

Ahh, radio is a theatre of mind and life gave me one more opportunity to explore the world where I could play different characters. I was already working for television when Power FM had me on board, barring the technicalities of the RCS (software for running radio shows), I also got to learn the art of making people smile, sharing their thoughts and lives, in a capsule radio got me closer to my listeners using my art of talking non stop !! I feel too blessed as I was doing the two most important shifts of any radio show, the morning shift and the drive shift at the beginning of my radio career. A thing to envy for sure I think!!

4. When you shifted from Radio to T.V. what was the major change you felt? What was the main difference and what did you love about it? (let us in on the inside, and tell us how it actually works in the media industry)

Well, the opposite actually happened though, in fact, I was working for tv and radio simultaneously. Both the platforms are way different from each other. Where tv gives u recognition and a face your audience appreciates, radio spreads the mystic vibes and also gives liberty to our listeners to give a face to your voice (which they only get to hear) as per their imagination. The most challenging part between the two is that the radio doesn’t give u a take 2!!

5. Between Radio and T.V. media, which do you rather prefer?

On a personal note, my affinity is towards the tv. Possibly because my academics were all about tv n films in acquiring master’s degree. Besides, after working for radio at length, monotony crept in. As I said earlier, I’m a sucker for new things, I still want to learn more n more! I did varied shows on tv, reality shows, news, talent hunts, game shows etc. so that obviously kept me on the edge to experiment making my job all exciting. At a point, after my long stint as a tv host, I was producing and directing shows. I have had a long association with the Hindi news channel Taaza TV from Kolkata and also while I was living in Dhaka, Bangladesh I got the opportunity to work for Zee Asia Pacific where I was heading two projects. Again doing something which gave me a sense of fulfillment and power to share my creatives with my audience, showcasing a topic which enthralls me. It’s like your new baby u so wanna show to the world!

6. In your illustrious career till now, what has been your single best memory, of this industry?

I didn’t keep a count but I must have hosted more than a thousand shows on stage in a span of more than a decade. So it’s extremely difficult to zero down to one such memory! Though among the countless ones, opening the national football league way back in 2005-6 still sends shivers as the entire salt lake stadium of Kolkata was roaring with football enthusiasts. All goosebumps still! Apart from that, I feel honoured at every opportunity I get to perform for the 3 verticals of the Indian army, have made few great friends from Indian navy during the long working spree for them. My initial line-up of events comprised of Hero Honda Karizma bike launch with Hrithik Roshan, West Bengal govt’s launch events, MTV Roadies (2nd/3rd season), MTV IMMIES, Channel V’s Get Gorgeous 1/2,Channel V’s Super Singer, concert with Bollywood celebrities as Shahrukh Khan, Karisma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Urmila Matondkar, Bipasha Basu ,Katrina Kaif, Siddharth Malhotra, Govinda, Akshay Kumar, Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik, Abhjit, KK, ZubinGarg etc.

7. If you were to choose, what would you say is the toughest job in the world?

The noblest profession is the most toughest, I think. I can vouch for it as my mother was a teacher all her life and ended her career as a school principal. Teachers don’t just teach they build individuals, who take our nation forward by signing into different professions.

8. If not a Radio/T.v. presenter, would you have chosen a different path?

Yes definitely, I would have taken up architecture. I have a strong knack for drawing and love science, believe me! Besides my father was an engineer so wanted to follow his footsteps in my own way.

9. Would you say there are any obstacles for young media sciences’ students, trying to make it big in this
industry? (optional)

I would say I’m blessed to have begun my career at a time when this wasn’t even taken as a full-fledged career which meant no unhealthy competition. I believe due to the huge exposure to media-related professions, an easy money making mode for people who don’t deserve to be a part of this generous industry and unprofessionalism from those tarnishing our respectful jobs have led to an uncalled and undesirable work environment. As a suggestion, I simply would ask media science students to value and respect their talent and hard work, it pays in the long run.

10. What advice would you give to all our readers, to become as successful as you one day?

I’m still on my path to success, still learning, still challenging myself at every step to better myself so I’m not in the capacity to advice anyone. Can only suggest what I strongly believe in, the day u think u know it all, been there done that, you are over. Stay humble, stay modest and stay honest to your craft. Believe in your work and your abilities. You will rule the world!

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