Best Books on Romance

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In this era of technology, books do not get enough place in the lives of people. They fail to read the jewels of the literary works.Romance is, however a genre where the beauty is scribbled in a different way and the storytelling can take you to the world of loneliness where you can relate your life and lover to the stories.

Here are some books on Romance you shouldn’t want to miss.Give them a try!



1. The Blind Astronomer’s Daughter by John Pipkin:

This is a not-so-famous book. This book portrays the story of two women, both interested in astronomy, trying to find their way and value of their existence through their hardworking intelligence. They both fell in love, forbidden and impossible, yet unique in their own way.Caroline Herschel fails in the middle but in order to fulfil the dream of her lover, her ways converge with Caroline Ainsworth, who won the war of love with her brilliance of mathematics and laws of physics. This book can be a life changer (for people with a refined taste in literature).


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2. By The River Piedra I sat down and Wept by Paulo Coelho:

A classy tale of love and dreams is portrayed here through spirituality, distance growing each day. Those didn’t stop them from meeting their dreams and being together at the end of the story. There have been ups and downs in the middle of the story and Pillar sat down by the banks of river Pierda thinking that her heart will freeze like its water, but in the end, her lover saved her and they understood “Dream means work”.


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3.The Sense Of An Ending by Julian Barnes:

Barnes has always been a great storytelling, he maintains the suspense throughout the entire story and reveals the awestruck truth at last which leaves the readers breathless. In this one too he portrayed a different kind of love story, a triangle of friendship turning into a bitter tale of love of Tony, Veronica and Adrian Finn. Through the entire book, he will make you wonder for the clue of Adrian’s suicide, but you will never know until you reach the very end, and his last words on his bathroom door “Do Not Enter, Call the Police” will always haunt you!


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4.Looking for Alaska by John Green:

Heard the love stories that finish even before they start? This one did. Alaska Young, too was a bright student, a mischief and a lovely bright young lady whom every man desired, yes desired, no one knows if anyone loved her except for Takumi. But, as the story proceeds her character, her depth did make those who desired fall for her, they wanted to be like her, free and strong. They didn’t know the stories and pain she hid inside her, they didn’t try to precisely.You will ask in the subconscious mind,”Why will you live, Alaska? Why will you live?” just to find herself on the stone cold metal floor with wide eyes and a pale smirk lingering on her lips.She smiled when she died in regret of missing her mother’s death anniversary. In the end, you will cry at the top of your lungs, feeling the eternal blankness inside your head.

Do not miss these books. They will open brand new thoughts, views for you. Just lock yourself in a room with coffee on a cloudy day and try them one at a time.

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