Best way to manicure at home


Busy schedule keeps women busy for almost 24×7 these days. But women should take out time to beautify and pamper themselves to boost confidence. When we say about beautification we hardly mention our hands or legs or nails giving all the importance to our face. But today we are going to discuss how to do manicure at home following some easy steps to enhance your beauty overall.

1. Remove The Old Nail Paint: Remove your old nail paint with a nailpolish-remover soaked cotton ball. Gently rub the cotton ball from base of your nail to tip of it. Then wash your hands and dry it.

2. Cut Your Nail: Cut the nails with a nail cutter and remove dirt from underneath the nail corners.

3. Buff Your Nails: Buffing smoothen your nails and provides an even surface to your nails. Use the side of your buffer with the sand paper. Make the uneven edges of your nails even and smooth with the help of it by rubbing it gently.

4. Soak Your Nail: Get some Luke warm water in a bowl and mix some drops of herbal shampoo. Mix it well. Instead of shampoo,face cleanser can also be used. Now dip your hands there for 5 minutes. This softens your nails and skin of hand.

5. Moisturise: Now that your hands are clean and supple, apply a rich creamy moisturiser on your hands and massage it to penetrate. You should massage your cuticles of nails as well. This will hydrate and moisturise your hands. Olive oil also can be used instead of moisturiser.

6. Apply Base Coat Of Nail Polish: Apply a base coat of a nail paint on your nails. This will make the nails look even and shiny working as a primer for the next coat of polish.This will make your nail paint last longer.

7. Final Coat: Now apply the final coat on the nails and let it dry. For best result you can also apply another coat of transparent shiny coat which will make your nails look glossy.

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