Essential Hair Care Tips For Monsoon

Teenage girl in a rain

The monsoon season has arrived full fledgedly and along with it has arrived our hair problems. The excess humidity causes hair damage which leads to hair fall, frizzy hair, dandruff, etc. Well fret not because we are here to give you some best tips to maintain the health of your hair this rainy season.

1) Save your hair from the monsoon drizzle as the rain water is dirty and acidic at times which can be really unhealthy for your hair.

2) To avoid frizzy hair this season, use a mild shampoo twice a week to cleanse your scalp of any residue left behind by rain water. Clean scalp prevents fungal or bacterial infections to build up in your hair.

3) Be it monsoon or any other season, regular oiling is necessary for the health of your tresses. A simple oil massage can do wonders for your otherwise dry hair and bring back shine of your hair by deeply conditioning it.

4) Avoid tying up your hair too tightly all the time to prevent hair fall. Besides if you tie up wet hair, it’ll end up being frizzier and limper. So opt for loose ponytails and buns only.

5) A wide toothed comb is undoubtedly the best pick for the rainy season. It helps you detangle your hair in a gentler way which in turn leads to less hair fall.

6) Proper conditioning is necessary for our tresses to look shinier and healthier. A coin-size amount on your palm would be enough to apply to the length and the ends of your hair.

7) Proper nutrition is necessary for both our skin and hair. Our follicles need to nurture in the best possible way to bring that voluminous hair that we’ve always dreamt of. Foods rich in protein, iron and omega 3 fatty acids like mackerel, salmon, walnuts, spinach, yogurt, etc boosts up our hair health. And don’t forget to add lots and lots of water in your diet.

8) Apart from the shampoos and conditioners that you get from the market, try opting for some natural alternatives with the things lying around in your kitchen. Home remedies have always proved to be the safest methods for improving our hair condition.

Happy Monsoon girls!