FIR Filed By Arshi’s Publicist, Priyank & Sapna Target Arshi With Her Goa-Pune Scandal.


Priyank Sharma has already made a firing comeback in Big Boss 11. Meanwhile, he has also dug out a few dark secrets of certain contestants. It seems that he has done a lot of research works on the lives of his competitors and found out enough scandals to throw mud at them.

In the previous episode when Sapna Choudhury was fighting with Arshi Khan, Priyank told Sapna some secrets about Arshi. Later, Sapna threatened Arshi saying that she would expose Arshi before her housemates. Beingstartled, Arshi confronted Priyank. Although, he denied it the damage was already done. A while later, Priyank told Sapna to tell about the “Goa and Pune” incident. These two words have in fact become a matter of curiosity even outside the Big Boss house.

Of course, you want to know about it and we are gonna tell you all about “Goa and Pune” incident. It was surfaced as per the information of Priyank Sharma that Arshi Khan was involved in a sex racket in Goa. The other two members of the racket were also arrested. Arshi was sent to a rescue house from where she is said to flee. Arshi’spublicist, FlynnRemedios, has said that it was a wrong information and Arshi was asked for sex by the cops. The cops found two adhaar cards in her bag. Arshi had legally changed her date of birth but the cops accused her of forgery and asked 15 lakhs from her. When she denied it, they asked for sex from her. It is known, as per Pune Mirror, Arshi Khan was also involved in a prostitute gang of Pune as well. She was arrested from a 5-star hotel of Pune for practicing prostitution. However, she fled from there too after convincing the police that she had been innocent.

Source: Bollywood Now

An FIR has been filed by Flynn Remedios, publicist of Arshi Khan against Priyank Sharma and Sapna Choudhury for damaging the respect of a woman in public and harassing her massively. This whole incident has created a chaos in Big Boss house and among the contestants. To keep track of it and know more keep watching Big Boss 11 without missing a single episode.

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