GST System Is To Be Announced Within Few Hours


The new ‘Goods and Services Tax’ system is going to be announced at the Central Hall of Parliament tonight at 12 O’clock. Since it has been declared by the central government, GST has created mixed reactions in different political parties and in public generally.

Trinamool Congress Supremo, Mamata Banerjee has given negative reactions tagging this decision of central government as ‘epic blunder’. According to her GST should have waited another six months to be implemented as the country and its economy is still being suffering from the drawbacks of demonetisation. The small and medium enterprises will suffer the worst repercussions of this extra load of tax, Mamata Ji vowed. While the TMC party has announced that they will boycott the midnight meeting at the Parliament, other parties like Congress and CPIM are still confused. MD. Selim, the CPIM Mp has confirmed not to be present at the session. But other CPIM activist, P. Karnakaran has expressed his wish to be present there. Former Finance Minister of state, Ashim Dasgupta will attend the session. As GST was an initiative of UPA government, the Congress party and its leaders could not decide unanimously about it. Some of the Congress leaders are having softer approach to this tax system whereas some are criticizing it’s implementation as wrong.

However, as on 14th August of 1947, our first prime minister, Jawaharlal Neheru announced the new journey of our independent country with his famous “street with destiny” speech at midnight, our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi will mark this day as historically important with a similar style. Meanwhile, the business men from different states have shown their protest against this GST system. The textile traders’ 3-days’ strike in Kolkata has extended till June, 30 instead of June, 29.

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