If This Leaked Video Is To Be Believed, Virat Kohli Might Be Getting His Beard Insured


Celebs getting body parts insured for enormous amounts is a trend that has caught our attention for ages now. ‘Pretty Woman’ star Julia Roberts had her teeth insured for $30 million. The football stalwart, Lionel Messi got his legs insured for $750 million. And you can’t blame them.

The latest celeb to join this list is the Indian captain, Virat Kohli!

Although, he could probably get any of his body parts insured. Either his lightning fast legs or his wrists that can create magical cover drives. But looks like he’s going for something that’s far more precious – his beard, if a recently leaked footage is to be believed.

Source: mid-day

While this is a mere speculation, in the video two suited gentlemen are seen closely observing the captain’s beard and clicking pictures of it. One can be seen plucking at it as well. Towards the end, you can also see Virat signing what could be official paperwork for the same.
So the assumption might be true, since Virat and his beard are almost inseparable like his unbelievable striking ability on the pitch.

But only time will tell if the rumors are true.