IncSync music announces ‘Safar IncSync India Tour 2019’


Meet former Army Serviceman, Capt. Rashid Ali Khan, who has served in the Indian Army between 2000-2004 with the Rajputana Rifles as a Basketball Player, has now a new venture called IncSync Music. IncSync Music aims to be India’s only Music Label, which will not only produce new music but also aims to represent the hidden gems of the music industry.

IncSync Music’s main aim is to work in tandem with both upcoming and established music artists in India, so as to help them to launch their musical careers or take their musical careers to the next level. Started in Dec 2018, IncSync Music already has a roster of some very interesting talent, accumulated through a very thorough search. IncSync Music has also accumulated a pool of approx 50 original songs, which they plan to start releasing in September.

IncSync Music, plans to revive the concert culture, through their IP ‘Safar IncSync’, not only in India but internationally as well. The troupe will tour 16 cities in India, and a few international destinations in the first phase. The concert will include a mix of 7 genres of music from Love Ballads, to Sufi, Qawwali, Bollywood Rock, etc. The troupe consists of 7 singers, 1 Hindustani Classical Guitarist and a 6-piece live band.

This concept has been inspired from a band named Shakti, existent in the 1970’s, which brought together many artists in a fusion of music to give the audiences a unique experience.

The troupe will spend around 5 months on the road, performing shows, every weekend, in 16 cities of India. The concert will kick off from Lucknow on 14th September 2019. The tickets for Lucknow have already gone on sale.
Apart from music, Rashid along with the Cricket Board of America, are planning to change the face of cricket in USA in the next 5 years. They plan to set up professional cricket associations in all the major states of America, who will be directly responsible for improving the conditions of cricket in their respective States to create world-class players.

Capt. Khan, who has been into business of Sports for over 14 years, has in the past been at the helm of starting leagues in India .