Interview with vocal powerhouse Payel Dey!


Music is something borne from gods, for gods and by gods, we humans are just lucky enough to have the ability to understand it. So we bring to you one of the most happening artists in eastern India, Payel Dey.

In an exclusive interview with Daily icons we sit down with Payel and explore her life, career and so much more;

1. When did you realise that you wanted to become a professional playback singer and performer?

I started signing at a very young age from when I was old enough to comprehend and sing songs I listened to songs, from the television, also my mother inspired me to sing, and she is one of the reasons I got into singing, and over the years my father has also been a huge pillar behind my success and their support has been instrumental in my formative years. As I grew up, I understood what playback singing is, that is when that drive came in, to be the singer that I am today. I have always had an attraction for performing, be it antakshari or quiz or something else, I just wanted to go on stage and perform. So once that aspiration to become a playback singer came along, I was determined to make it big.

2. What was the experience like, on your first project as a playback singer?

My first music video,“Keteche Ekela”, which was my first solo playback singing project, was an immersive experience, as this was the first time I was working under such a big label, and when it is being telecast over many dedicated music channels on T.V. , it is like an overwhelming sensation of achievement. To me this music video shall always hold a special place in my heart.

3. What are your future plans? What’s in store for us from your end?

I have been working on an album called “Mon”, a project by Sarbojit Ghosh, featuring stalwarts of the industry like Rupankar da, Anupam da and many others. I consider myself fortunate to have been able to work with and alongside such revered and senior artists in the industry.
Apart from this, I have also worked in many upcoming films as a playback singer, so to me this is like a dream come true.
Apart from “Mon”, which will be release very soon, I have some big plans in the works and hope they will live up to your expectations. Let’s see, they shall surely be my surprise for you.

4. In your early years, who was your major inspiration, who made you want to sing?

The ones who gave birth to me are also one of my inspiration for singing as a career. Especially my mom, who wasn’t a professional performer herself, yet she is one of the best singers I have ever known. My Bapi and the whole family has been very supportive of me being a singer, especially, my family members from my maternal side, who are very involved in music, like I am. My teachers and my gurus who have taught me all that I know about music, I can never thank them enough. In fact all that I am doing and will ever do or achieve is only to make them proud. I owe all my achievements to them, they have moulded me into the person I am today, and I hope I can make them proud!
And, my friends over the years in school and college has been just like a huge support and I cannot thank them enough.

5. Coming to the present, you have done live performances as well as TV appearances, which one was more satisfying to you?

This is an interesting question, but an easy one, I feel in their own way, live performances and TV performances are satisfying. In live performances you can see the crowd and once you start singing the whole crowd comes alive and the call out to you, cheer you on and their energy and enthusiasm rubs off on you and you are in a completely different place altogether, yet you feel humbled by their love, and gratification is immediate. However on TV performances, you know that you performance is not limited by the limits of the venue and it going out to millions more, and you are going out to people in their homes, their offices, their cars, and that is a wonderful feeling too where you can reach out to all kinds of people of different cultures, races and locations. So in this way, one cannot really compare the two, and they are satisfying in their own way, and I love doing both forms.

6. Apart from singing, what other talents do you harbour, which no one knows you possess?

(laughs) I just love to dance. In fact in my early years, there were a few times, I had taken the stage too, in local festivals and competitions for the youngsters as well as choreographed performances in school, but not professionally. And people, who know me, have sometimes complimented me too, for my dancing.
Also, apart from this, I also like to paint, and have also won some prizes in my prime, years and yes, with my life moving at a million miles per hour, I scarcely, get time to sit down and paint, but I would like to get back to it someday.

7. Which would you say is your favourite genre of music?

I grew up entangled in all sorts of classical and semi classical songs from artists as well as movies, so they will always be my first love. But I also like soft rock or songs which have a melody or peppy numbers, or that which touches your soul is always my favourite. I like listening to almost any genre, as long as it is melodious and thought provoking.

8. Do you like to foray into production as well, in music? Do you want to produce originals or covers as a part of your YouTube channel?

I love to do originals, in fact my song in the album “Mon” is in fact an original and I can’t wait for you all to hear it and in fact all songs in “Mon” are originals, hope you will like it. And yes I am well inclined to do originals for myself as well. I also like to do covers of many songs, which I have grown up listening to and want to make a special rendition of them someday.

9. As a musician, what would you say is the toughest part of this job?

As a musician, I always have to remain a student, it is in fact poetry in motion, so for one to master music, probably takes a lifetime and a half. So every day is a day at school for us, musicians, where we learn something new every moment. The competition is very high, one constantly has to improve oneself. So I would say, focus and hard work is the thumb rule. And that’s what makes this journey so special.

10. What is your suggestion/tip to any budding musician, who is trying to make it big in this industry?

Firstly I always consider myself a learner and learning is one of the strongest traits any musician can have as music is like an ocean we may not be able to explore in one lifetime, and continuing to learn every day shall definitely put us in a better position than yesterday. So I suggest that, “Never stop learning, even for a second.” Also always concentrate to make ourselves better, and always strive to be better than my own self, which I was yesterday, I think it applies to life as well. Competing with oneself, is probably one of the best ways to become successful. Do not compete with others, compete with yourself; that is the main thought behind my ideology.
The more you love music, the more music will love you back, because music itself is positive energy, and the more you imbibe the positive values in you the better you will become. Music can give you strength, and it can also give you confidence. Yes we may be professionals, yet you have to be very personal with your music, because the more you love music the more you will get back.
And “Always believe in yourself. Be a musician and proud.” That is my message to you all.

We thank Payel, wholeheartedly, for taking time off her busy schedule and indulging us in a one on one interview. We wish her all the best for her future endeavours and hope she becomes one of the best musicians of this country and beyond.

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