Irrfan Khan Shares He’s Diagnosed With NeuroEndocrine Tumour


10 days ago it was posted by Irrfan Khan that he is suffering from some rare disease. Finally, he has declared that he is diagnosed with NeuroEndocrine Tumour.

His tweet ten days ago about undergoing a treatment for a rare disease left all his fans and co-actors worried. Finally, he has confirmed it and everyone is a bit relieved now.

His wife Sutapa on her Facebook account thanked all the fans and loved ones who prayed and wished for his good health. But, she did not reveal any more detail about his disease.

There were rumours about Irrfan being diagnosed with the last stage of brain cancer.In his statement, Irrfan cleared the confusing rumours and sarcastically said that people should Google to find out that Neuro is not always about the brain.

In his statement, he thanked everyone and also said he will be out of India for the treatment of NeuroEndocrine Tumour.

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