Kerala Surprises India with Their Cast Less Mission

Source: India Live Today

Kerala is evolving with their new generation. About 1.2 lakhs of the students in Kerala stated in the form of school admission that they have no cast or religion. They left the column blank. Education minister Prof C Ravindranath has reported this to the media about the recent statistics of the current educational year.

The young generation every year is abhorring this cast and religion and every year this number is increasing. “This year at the time of admission a record number of 1.24 lakh students have left religion and caste columns blank while seeking admission. This shows secular credentials of our society,” reported Prof C Ravindranath.

“In the latest academic year at least 123, 630 students between class and 1 and 10 stated they had no religion or caste. Every year their numbers are growing,” the minister also added saying this statistical data has been collected from at least 9000 schools and rapidly every year this incident is going up in numbers.

Official of the educational society and offices have said that they have no role to play in this new trend as the parents state that they have no religion. “It is fact that division and discrimination start once you declare your caste and religious identity. It is time we boot out such tags,” said P Sajeevan. This government employee also enrolled in his five-year-old without filling both columns.

Some politicians and sports person are also doing this to send a message to our discrimination of society. But, Kerala is having an upper hand and their progress is mindblowing.It is indeed a big step. Everyone should be inspired and come forward in this cast less mission.