Le Coffee Creme: The Roadside Unique Cafe in Salt lake


This is mainly for the people who always want eccentric food and authentic ambience at a reasonable price. Le Coffee Creme to the opposite of City Centre 1, Saltlake is there to serve you with mouth-watering delicacies in a decorative, peaceful and unique ambience.

Their walls are filled with photos of cafes across the world.They have decorated the opposite side with showpiece, coffee mugs and a particular book which is bound to draw your attention if you have interest in smoking.

The Buddha statue near the wall is bronze made and add an extra presence of spirituality in the perfect peaceful ambience.They play good music and it doesn’t bore your eardrums.

As for starter go for their coffee section. They have a variety there and you will be in love with their cappuccino. It’s creamy, tasty and served in a large flat cup. For the snacks, you should try the chicken bruschetta. It’s tasty, soft and served with mayo.It will leave you to crave for more.

For heavy dishes, always try their chicken salami sandwich. Four large pieces with a lot of chicken, jalapeno, onions and baked potato will take you to heaven and especially the way they serve it is simply beautiful.

The main course will, of course, include pasta. Spaghetti Bolognese is something which will leave you craving for more, the blend of chicken, cheese and sauce is just perfect and it tastes just too beautiful.

Then comes the dessert. Try their brownie. They serve it in a unique way with a large scoop of ice cream and chocolate sauce. The mixture of hot and cold will melt your tongue and you will be spellbound.

If you want a perfect lunch date with your partner, this is the place you are looking for. Go for it!