Manisha Koirala’s Come Back In Bollywood


After a long break actress Manisha Koirala is going to come back in bollywood with her upcoming movie Dear Maya.

The movie will be releasing on 2nd June,2017. Along with others Shreya Chaudhary and Madiha Imam are Manisha’s co-stars in this film Directed by Sunaina Bhatnagar.

The script is unique in its own way. It shows an olderly woman is pranked and tricked with fake love letters. Later the story takes a serious turn. We must hit the cinema halls to unfold what turn it eventually takes.

There is a huge fan following of the ‘Dil Se’ girl Manisha. Needless to say that we all are eagerly waiting for her to be back in B Town after the come backs of Madhuri,Raveena,Shridevi and Aishwarya. Manisha was suffering from cancer and a come back to bollywood was beyond her imagination. Now when she is going to do it,lets all pray for her success and positivity.

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