Meet Miss Universe 2017! 5 facts about this stunning beauty.


Iris Mittenaere has been crowned Miss Universe 2017 in Manila, The Philippines this year to become only the second beauty to win this pageant from France, in the history of this illustrious annual competition. On her win, our own Miss Universe Sushmita Sen, sent her best wishes saying it was a beautiful experience to wear the crown and a life changing one too.

Iris has also made waves around the world with her beauty and personality. However here are a few interesting facts…


1. She only the second Miss France to win The Miss Universe crown.

Iris Mittenaere is only the second beauty to hold the mantle of both Miss France and Miss Universe at the same time. She takes over as the second French woman to become the winner after Christiane Martel in 1953. Which is indeed a proud moment for Iris.


2. She is the first European to win the crown since 2002.

As shocking as it may seem, she is the first European since 2002 to hold this crown after Oxana Fedorova from Russis, as the others were all from Asian, African, Australian or Latin descent viz. Justine Pasek, Amelia Vega, Jennifer Hawkins, Natalie Glebova, Zuleyka Rivera, Riyo Mori, Dayana Mendoza, Stefania Fernandez, Ximena Navarette, Leila Lopes, Olivia Culpo, Gabriela Isler, Paulina Vega, Pia Zurtzbach(2016 winner).


3. She is an adrenaline junkie.

She has claimed in her Miss Universe bio that she is fond of extreme sports and white water rafting is one of her faves.


4. She is pursuing a degree in Dental Surgery.

Her flawless smile is a testament of her care for Oral hygiene and Dental hygiene, in fact over the course of the entire contest she had been advocating the need for the same. Beauty with the brains.


5. She is also an avid cook.

Recently, during the course of the pageant, she got the opportunity to cook with Chef Frederic Anton and brought to our view her love for cooking.


During the course of this year she will hold this crown until the future Miss Universe comes along.

Here’s to wishing her a prosperous year!

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