Meet The Team Of Sarcastic Studio


Dreams are aspirations of what we see ourselves actively participating in, in order to improve ourselves while becoming a part of something big. Hardships that in our ways often prepare us for an extraordinary destiny. One such inspiring story is brought to you by Daily Icons where you’ll get to know about two young boys who are striving hard to achieve their dreams irrespective of the difficulties that come in their paths.

Nazish Akhtar, a college student registered with the University of Calcutta and Vikrant Singh, a regular employee of an MNC had big dreams to pursue their passion for acting. Coming from very humble backgrounds these two youngsters share the same passion for acting.

They met during the period when they both were involved in theatre groups and thus this friendship grew. Both of them were struggling to get the perfect opportunity to showcase their talent to the world but weren’t getting the expected results. As the saying goes, ‘Great men don’t wait for opportunities, they create opportunities’, Mr. Akhtar and Mr. Singh decided to utilise their experience of theatre and direction and created the YouTube channel ‘Sarcastic Studio’.

The channel features comedy and social awareness videos that prevails in our country till date. In a short span of only three months they’ve managed to get a good numbers of followers who love and support their work which includes Famous Youtuber and social activist Varun Pruthi.

Their latest video in association with Daily Icons, sheds light upon the political bitterness among the states in our country in a satirical way. The Daily Icons team appreciates the endeavour of The Sarcastic Studio and wishes it the best for its future prospects.


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