Money Can’t Buy The Feeling We Have Attached To Sarojini Market


Growing up in a household which had a very common discussion about Sarojini everyday was pretty fascinating in those days. All kinds of fancy bedsheet, nice suits, casual t-shirts bought from there used to be an attraction to the growing up kids.

Being admitted to a college of Delhi after passing out college was a boon to me and Sarojini became a daily sneak out a place of my gang. It was cheap and affordable for kids like us who had limited funds to spend on their fascinations.


Sarojini had a large variety of clothes, casual dresses, and other fancy collections. Througho­ut my college days, I was a well-dressed person and managed pretty fancy stuff from the market which indeed was super cheap. But, the best part of Sarojini was that its merchandise never looked cheap and Sarojini always won best of the compliments.

With time flowing by, we entered our job. Our fashion, dressing style, food habit changed. We now had the chance of enjoying a lot more liberty than we ever had in our lives. The one thing that still remained constant in our life is Sarojini.


Before the fancy markets and malls took over India, Sarojini was a place everyone knew about. In fact, the products and clothes with their durability in spite of their cheap price would always have surprised you.

But, Sarojini is not all about money. It’s more like a place of cultural exchange of people no matter what social status they belong to. They might come in an autorickshaw or in a Mercedes, but in Sarojini, they are all the same.


There is no market in Delhi where the bargain like Sarojini is so free and goes without saying. Whoever has shopped from Sarojini, will never leave this place, no matter how alluring markets they find, because they have emotions attached here and they will take that to their grave.


So Whenever You come to Delhi Please visit Sarojini Market to see the Beauty of Clothes & Merchandise……..