Most Five Horror Places of Kolkata


The city of Joy has many dark secrets lurking around her. Ghosts and their appearance are the indispensable part of it. Today we present to you the places in Kolkata, that are said to be haunted. In case, you are a ghostbuster, obviously give this places a visit.

1.Wipro Office:
The new IT hub of Kolkata, Wipro Office, situated in Saltlake is said to be haunted. It is not the stories you hear from your grandma, these stories are told by youngsters who work there. Being built on an abandoned graveyard, it has many stories about anomalies. People in dark hours have observed many abnormal visions and paranormal presence. The third floor of the third tower is completely prohibited from being visited as it is haunted by many spirits, or so is believed. However, it is a good place to take an experiment on paranormalities.


2.National Library:
If you are a bookworm and searching for book-loving ghosts, you are in the right place. Lady Metcalfe who was an avid reader and a cleanliness freak is said to haunt this place. She used to be very irritated if anything is out of order. Still she visits them, as reported by the night guards. Not only the night guards, the students who stay here late, has also reported about seeing a grey shadow and feeling an invisible presence. This is a real enriched place for books and of course anomalies.


3.Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station:
This is one of the busiest metro stations in Kolkata. As a result, it has faced so many suicidal cases. It is said, the souls of those people roam around the platforms at night. Unnatural shadows on the pillars, crossing the tracks are observed very frequently. This is one of the scariest places in Kolkata where you feel the presence of peculiar invisible passengers.


4.Putul Bari:
Situated an at 22 Hara Chandra Mullick Lane, by the side of the Circular Railway track and very near to the Shobhabazar jetty the house of dolls or putul bari is one of the classic horrors of Kolkata. With its differently vivid structures exhibiting dolls. Tales of young women being exploited and killed surround this place and people believe that the souls of those women search for justice till now in the building.


5.South Park Street Cemetery:
Situated at Mother Teresa Sarani, the tombs of this place are an admixture of the Gothic with a rich flavour of the Indo-Saracenic style. It is said to be one of India’s one of the most haunted places. Many have experienced dizziness, headache and felt uneasy and many other paranormal activities here.

Kolkata is beautiful as well as haunted by darkness. It is enriched both ways. Explore this city to experience these horror tales.

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