Pinkathon In Kolkata


With the growing women empowerment, it is a fact of concern now that women are as important as men to make a society, family and a nation complete. It is very needed to say that their contribution is no less than men in carrying out our nation. They have been improving in every field, be it literature, art, sculpture, science, administration, sports.

Pinkathon is an event of encouraging women to go beyond the boundary. In the patriarchal society of India, women have suffered and struggled enough to get a ground for themselves. It is an important message to every woman of this society to come out of all the bondages, embrace freedom and encourage others to do so.

Being the biggest women empowerment event in the world, it is finally taking place in Kolkata today. After Mumbai, Hyderabad and other big cities, Kolkata is having the opportunity of being part of such a noble, inspiring event.

Every girl, every woman, every man who understands the importance of women should come forward and be part of this event.Our country lacks respect, compassion, affection for women. Let us stand up to this call to encourage them and help them prosper more and fly high.


Picture Courtesy: Social News XYZ