Ranveer Singh has Made his Payment equal to Deepika Padukone in Padmavat

Source: siasat.com

Gender pay-disparity despite several ongoing debates is one of the burning issues of Bollywood. After the release of Padmavat is has been heard that Deepika Padukone was given a cheque of 13 crores whereas Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor were given only 10 crores.

Ranveer Singh has already bagged a lot of praises for his brilliant performance as Khilji. He, however, has raised his payment and it is heard that he has made it equivalent with Deepika.

Deccan Chronicle has quoted “Hikes are the order of the day when you deliver a box office hit. Ranveer will command this price now. Had this film released all over India, his asking price would have been bigger too. As for Deepika, she charged the price since she allotted lot more days for the film, as compared to a movie that otherwise takes only 60 days of shoot. Her price for other films as Rs 13 crore now after Padmaavat stands vindicated too.”

As per his excellent screen presence in the movie, Ranveer totally deserved that and he, of course, has done a justice to himself by raising the wages.

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