Silent March in Kolkata


Child rape and abusing have become a burning issue in India now. We all are aware of the cases in Kathua and Unnao. It’s time to bring ourselves out of our houses and protest in stead of being confined on the virtual protests.

India has ranked five in rape and women abusing all over the world. It’s a shame and a matter of concern. We need to understand the future of our children. Keeping all these in head, a silent march in Kolkata has been arranged on 15 th of April by Zara Chisti Abedin & Shafique Abedin.

It was held yesterday at about 4 pm. People and their response were needed and it was for the future of all those who have a girl child. Alone we can do nothing. But, if we come forward together,we might be able to make a difference.

The meeting point of the silent march was chosen. It started near Entally Market, 200 mts from St. James School. The Finishing point was at Don Bosco, CIT ROAD.

More than 2500 people including children gathered there before 4pm. At 4:15pm, SHARP, the March began. People came out of the curtain of caste, religion, politics and fear. They wanted justice for Asifa and all the children who have been raped.

It is high time for Indian court to do justice to these souls and announce death penalty for the rapists.