Some Cute and Romantic things to do together this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is around the corner and all the lovely couples out there, are busy making plans for the most romantic day of the year. Well, here we are to help you out. The following list of fun and exciting things, that you can do together, will help you make your special day even more special and romantic. And, trust me, it’s going to be one memorable day.


1- Cook Together

Instead of booking a reservation at the restaurant, why not cook together in the kitchen. How romantic is that?! In today’s busy lifestyle, it gives you quality time to bond and makes up for all the missed out time together. There is an endless list of some really amazing recipes you could try out, such as risottos, raviolis, quiches, pizzas, pastas, and the list goes on. This could just up the romance factor in your relationship. Some wine could be a good accompaniment.

2- Take a Spa Together

Book a spa appointment and relax in the quiet company of each other, followed by a lovely dinner. Or, better still, why not give each other a massage. Light some beautiful aromatic candles, put on a light sensual music and grab a bottle of beautifully scented body oil. This should set the mood right. What say? Sounds appealing?

3- Watch a Romantic Flick Together

Grab a DVD of an old romantic classic and enjoy the movie on a cosy in your living room, in each other’s arms. Some suggestions- The Notebook, Pretty Woman, It Happened One Night, Serendipity, Casablanca, Dirty Dancing, Notting Hill, Titanic are some good watches.

4- Go for a Long Drive

Spend the night out on the empty road with your beau behind the wheel, with soft, romantic music playing in the background. Stop the car in desserts, romantic place; a cliff, preferably, if the geography of your city allows it. Don’t forget to carry a bottle of vintage wine and two wine glasses.

5-Write Love Letters to each other

Let your hearts out. Express your love in the best possible words. Let him/her know how special your life has become, how much you’ll mean to one another. Trust me, it’ll all feel like the very first day of your relationship, young and fresh.

6-Relive your First Date

Take her to the place you’ll first met, or the first place you’ll went on a date. Relive every moment of it.

7-Play Love Games

Hide little chits all around the house, where one chit leads to the other, like a treasure hunt. And, at the end, it should lead to the Valentine’s Day gift you’ve gotten for your loved one.

So, go on, make your day memorable. It comes just once in a year.

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