Some Tips For Hair-Care In Summer


We must take care of our hair just like we all try to protect our skin in summer. Alongwith our skin,our hair is equally damaged by the sun’s radiation, pollution and left dull,dry and freezy. Here we list some useful tips to protect your hair from getting damaged.

◆ You must cover your head and hair with some stylish scarf before stepping out into the sun to avoid the harmful UV rays of the sun. This will make your hair safe from direct harm of radiation. You may also use hat instead of scarf.

◆ Do wash your hair daily because cleanliness of scalp is very important. To keep your hair and scalp clean and healthy ,wash it everyday or at least every alternate day.

◆ Use natural ingredients based shampoos which contain less chemicals. Harsh shampoos will make your hair drier when it is already get damaged by the sun. Choose mild shampoos with SPF.

◆ Don’t forget to use conditioner after shampoo. Using conditioner will keep your hair moisturised and will give it perfect volume. Choose a conditioner carefully which suits your hair type and texture.

◆ Avoid using too much styling tools on your hair. Styling tools like styling irons, hair straigthners, curlers, hair driers, hair dyes and colours will damage your hair.

◆ Summer is the best time to get a new hair cut. This way you can avoid split ends and dry tips. Go for a new hair cut as in this season hair grows faster as compared to other seasons. If you dont want to shorten the length of your hair then opt for trimming it specially the dry tips and split ends of your hair.

◆ If you love swimming in summer then make your hair wet before going for swimming. It will help to absorb less chlorine. You can also swim covering your hair.

◆ Don’t tie up your hair tightly as it will strain the hair and tear it eventually. Hair cuticles will be damaged this way. Flaunting a messy bun will be better as it will allow the air to pass through the bun and will reduce sweat on the scalp. Making bun is also in fashion now a days.

◆ Drink lots of water and eat seasonal fruits to keep your hair hydrated and to maintain moisture and ph balance. Include fresh vegetables in your diet.

◆ To save your hair from getting entangled ,use a wide tooth comb and untangle it. Handle your hair with care.


Stay protected. Stay healthy.

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