Sunday Emmy could change the way we watch TV


The last ten years have redefined the way we watch television. Prior to 2006, we had a television set to watch the routine of serial-advertisement-serial or rent a movie. We also had the option of using the peer-to-peer technology, using a bit more technology, to download applications to share a huge amount of data between the users.

But since Netflix decided to stream TV shows and movies to our devices in 2007, the scenario has changed to a cut-throat competition. The Sunday Emmy will show us the winners and losers and the market may drastically change after that.

Netflix, Amazon and Hulu have already managed to drag big time writers, creators and actors from cable TV or network TV to their own creative bubbles and are paying them not just good money but creative freedom too. Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal) was grabbed by Netflix while Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) was lured in by Amazon.
These giants might see their efforts reaping great rewards for the first time this Sunday. Netflix alone has 91 nominations while it prays for its critically acclaimed Stranger Things to win its first Best Drama series award.

The biggest winners are, of course, the audience.

Whoever the winner might be, the outcome will be fresher plots, better twists and greater-than-ever storytelling techniques brought to our homes at the touch of a few buttons.
Television lovers in India can go to Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu to watch these shows (whichever ones are allowed in India). All of these platforms follow a freemium policy, which means you’ll get a range of free shows to binge-watch but pay a minimum monthly or yearly fee to watch the famous shows.

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