The Bearded Rockstar Kuldeep Singh Bedi


The music industry is a combination of not just singers, music composers and DJs but also a lot of other technical people who equally work hard to make sure we get the best of the music experience while we’re busy partying. Kuldeep Singh Bedi (also known as KD The Rockstar) , is a Cinema Sound Installation Engineer and a Visual Artist by profession in the City of Joy Kolkata. He has been in the event industry since 2001.

He is a well-known party goer and a beard enthusiast in the nightlife of this city. He has been a resident Visual Artist in Beer Republic on weekends for a long time. Vjing happened to him by chance in 2010 when he did his 1st video editing for Dj Akash Rohira. Under his guidance, the rockstar was launched into the Vjing world and he has never looked back since then. He has travelled all over the India and abroad. He has done visuals for acclaimed artists like Yo Yo Honey Singh, Hard Kaur, Wolf Pack, Lost Stories, Nikhil Chinapa, Sartek, Shillong Chamber Choir etc. Till date he has more than 50 video edits/remake to his name all across the social networking sites and has performed in over 100 events in night clubs, school college fests etc.

KD completed his graduation from Kanpur and returned to his hometown Kolkata to step into the music industry with the guidance of his father. He did his first visual performance in 2010 with DJ Tejas in Soho and there has been no looking back since then. He feels that the music industry is very huge with a lot of aspects to work with. KD is one of the very talented visual artists in Kolkata. Someone who doesn’t plan his future beforehand, KD likes to take life as it comes and makes sure he grabs all the good opportunities that come in his way. A self-trained visual artist, he also has a very unique concept of the first ever beard club in India. In this project he’ll be offering bearded people to a membership with an annual subscription fee and in return they’ll be provided social gatherings every month where they would be able to share their experiences about beard growth. They would get discounts on various products and services and will also get the chance to party in various nightclubs along with their bearded friends and women who are in love with beards. KD has a very unique concept, and Daily Icons wishes him all the very best for his future endeavors.