The Best Five Bengali Delicacies in Kolkata


Bengalees are best known for their food loving nature. Their delicacies are bound to leave you spellbound once you taste it.The best part of it is that inspite of having complex recipes they are cooked so simply and with love that the taste is heavenly. The five must-try Bengali dishes are presented to you today.



1> Luchi, Cholar dal and Alur torkari:
Any Bengali festival, be it pujo or a wedding ceremony, will have an incomplete breakfast menu if they don’t have this amazing combination of it. Luchi is prepared with flour, has a light golden texture, very soft and when served with cholar dal , the tastebuds just crave for more. No, Cholar Dal is not your ordinary daal, it is a lot more gravish and thick and cooked with raisin and coconut often.Alur torkari is a must with them. It is cooked in the simplest way, a bit oily and not much spicy. This trio is the best breakfast one can have.



2> Postor Bora and Palong shak bata:
This is a Bengali starter, served with hot rice. The spinach is pasted with cashew, and the paste is stirred with a little oil. Posto is a Bengali delicy, they cook many a dishes with it. But, postor bora, being a veg starter, served with Palong sak bata is mouthwatering.



3> Ilish Mach Bhapa:
Everyone knows the fame of Bengali with the cooking of Hilsa. It indeed is one of the best dishes in the world. But, Ilish Mach Bhapa brings out the original taste of ilish. It’s cooked in a pressure cooker to keep the vapour around it which softens the fish and is cooked with sorshe bata. You will remember this taste for your lifetime.

4> Mutton keema:
Mainly the meat recipes originated from Mughal era, but Bengalees had made them their own. The mutton is chopped thoroughly without bones into very small pieces and is cooked with spice and the gravy is made thick. The smell alone is enough to make you throb in excitement, and when served with hot rice, you just can’t wait to taste it.




5.Malpua with Cold Rabri:
It is the Bengali pancake indeed. It is cooked with saffron syrup and is topped with cardamom. It has a soft yet crunchy inside. It is served hot with cold rabry. Rabry is another dessert that Bengalees made. It is cooked in milk and dudher sor with a lot of sugar. The sweet and hot texture will make you spellbound.


If you have a Bengalee friend then you are very lucky. Ask them to introduce you to these and fall in love with their food culture immediately.

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