The Best Five Religious Structures of Kolkata


Kolkata is a land of festivals. People of almost all religion live here, participate in each others celebration. Let us give you an image of some best religious structures of the city of joy.



1-Bandel Church:

Situated in the Hooghly district, Bangle church, a monument of Portuguese remembrance in Kolkata is India’s oldest church. It is dedicated to Noosa Senhora de Rozario and was named The Basilica of Holy Rosary. It was built by the Portuguese in 1599 with permission of Akbar but was burnt down during the sacking of Bandels in times of Moors and the new church was built in 1660 on the ruins of old one.

A ship’s mast stands in front of the church. A ship that encountered the Bay of Bengal presented it to the church. The church has three alters, several tombstones. It is magnificent and beautiful. There is also a shrine of Mary. You should give this a visit if you are in the city.



2-Calcutta Jain Temple:

Another wonderful structure of Kolkata, the Jain Temple, is also known as Parshwanath Temple. It has beautiful structures and wonderous gardens. It has the main shrine and four other shrines. The daitis are decored with precious stones. It is dedicated to the last Tirthankara. It was built in 1867 by Badridas, the sculptor. There is a lamp burning with ghee until the day of its initiation. The place is peaceful and gives a bliss to the visitors. The serene beauty will always make your trip here a worthwhile one.



3-St.Paul Cathedral Church:

As St John’s Church was too small for the growing Europian society of Kolkata, this church was built in 1847, though the cornerstone was laid in 1839. The church has a white beauty and is noted for a structure. It has an Indo~Gothic structure which makes it look even more beautiful. The church bells create a vintage atmosphere throughout the area. If you want peace of mind and to concentrate on spirituality, this is one must visit for you.



4-Nakhoda Masjid:

The chief mosque of Kolkata, Nakhoda Masjid was built in Mughal style. It has the resemblance of the mausoleum of Akbar from Agra. The mosaics were brought from Solapur. It has the capacity to hold 10000 people inside. The granaties of Tolepur were used to construct the estraz like the one of Buland Darwaza in Fatehpur Sikri. The place is busy but it is the best mosque in Kolkata. The inside is extravagantly artistic and a clear example of Mughal skilled Architecture. Any fan of architecture should visit this place.



5-Firinghi Kalibari:

It is situated near BB Ganguly Street, Bowbazar. It definitely is dedicated to Hindu Goddess Kali. Its name is associated with Antony Firingee. He came to India for a business of French in Chandannagar and later became a great devotee to Kali. He is the one who constructed the temple. It is over 500 years old. The special thing about this place is the history of it. You will feel the chill through your spine while visiting this.


Kolkata with her enriched history is going to offer you a lot of historical information with beautiful structures and serenity. Don’t miss your chance to visit them when you are in this city.

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