The Cafe in Kolkata Breathing Delicacy and Rumi


Kolkata is famous for cafe culture and the breathtakingly beautiful ambience of them. With the overflowing foodies of varied taste and tongues, Kolkata has a variation of Italian, Mediterranean, Chinese, Lebanese, Egyptian cafes. But, there is always a thing or two about some particular cafe that is bound to awestruck you.

Terminal 11 near C.A.P. camp of Saltlake Sector 1 can take you to a journey of beautiful books, indoor games with slow music and absolutely brilliant food. They have a huge collection of books which you will love to read and a stock of interesting indoor games. They also have instacam facilities to capture your beautiful moment. offer the freelancer free coffee and food. is a sticky note section too where you can leave your precious moment in words.

The menu is itself a work of sheer beauty informing you about bands like U2, Rome and of course the poet Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi. They have sections for family, dates, squad parties. The music they play will make you feel at home and their decoration of both the place and the food will spellbound you.

If you have a thing for chocolate and milkshake, just close your eyes and order a chocolate cookie shake to take a sip of its heavenly taste. The crisp of Oreo and the soft smooth milk chocolate shake served with whipped cream will keep you wanting for more.


For the cold coffee maniacs, there is nothing better than Eskimo Chill. The cold coffee served with a flavour of coconut and lots of cold coffee milk will surpass all the cold coffees you’ve ever tasted.

Now, for the starters go with Potato wedges and homemade ginger ale. These two is a combination defining perfectness. The taste of ginger ale will awestruck you in every sip and the wedges are going to melt in your mouth. The amount they serve is actually is hell lot to stuff your tummy.

For the main course try American Buffalo Wings. Six spicy chicken breast dipped in buffalo sauce will leave you salivating. It is just one of the best chicken dishes available in the entire Kolkata.

For the dessert, go for the cookies and sundae. The cookies served with a sundae, a lot of cream and chocolates are freshly baked and hot.

Have a day spent in Terminal 11. It’s gonna be one of the best days of your food venture.

Photo Source: Just Dail

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