The Dalit vs & Dalit Battle For The Highest Constitutional Office


There seems to be a ‘ Dalit vs Dalit’ battle for the Presidential post these days after the name of Meira Kumar, the Congress-led opposition party’s nominee, has been announced.

Though the NDA candidate, Ram Nath Kovind is expected to get more than 61 per cent of votes of the members of the President’s electoral college along with support from regional parties like AIADMK , BJD, TRS and JD(U), anything can happen at the last moment in politics . The nominations will be closed on June,28 and the most awaited counting for the future President will be on July 20.

President Pranab Mukherjee’s term ends on July, 24. According to BJP sources, the final result depends on the rest of the regional parties which have not disclosed their opinion so far. Everyone’s curious eyes are on upcoming July, 20 counting.

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