The Kolkata Star Cricket League has been Announced on 27th of October, 2017


Kolkata Press Club today in a press conference has announced the Kolkata Star Cricket League 2017. The event is going to be one of its kind as it will be played by the famous DJs and Event Managers of the joy city. Mr.Mohammed Anish, owner of Red Magma production, DJ Nilashree Chowdhury, Mr.Piyush Doshi, owner of Rashmi Group together are conducting this Star Cricket League. The event is going to take place at Deshapriya Park on 6th of November. It will be 9am onwards and is going to be an event full of entertainment. Till now this is the first ever event of the city where we will see all the well-known DJs and Even Managers of the city united.

Altogether 72 people, 36 DJ’s and 36 Even Managers are going to take part in this event. They will be divided into Six teams, Three teams for DJs and Three teams for Event Managers. The team selection will be done depending on the lottery system. Score readers and professional Umpires will be present in the event throughout the league.

The Six teams have been given cool names. They are listed as below:
Team A~ Royal Strikers
Team B~ Super Smashers
Team C~Real Fighters
Team D~Master Blaster
Team E~ Rising Star
Team F~Trendo Hitters

To make the event a grand success many groups have taken their stands by the league. AGORBHAVAWA is supporting the event as humanity partner and DENON DJ as the Tech Gear partner.
It is also being supported by Southern Electric Sounds, Graphicology, Mukherjee Fireworks, Sound and Fx as a Technical Partner, Designing Partner, Special Effect Advisor, and Fx Partner respectively.

Rock and Roll Sports and 91.9 Friends Fm have offered their support as sports gear partner and radio partner. Mr.Shree Jit and Mr.Brisni are helping them as Videography and Photography Partners gift Partners as Presto. Mr.Dulal Pathan and Voices are their VFX partner and music partner respectively. Event Managed by ZAFIRE EVENTS.

Cricket is a game which is loved by many celebs all around the globe.We have always seen DJs and Event Managers putting up great shows for us. Now, let them create magic with bats and balls.Mr.Mohammed Anish is very excited about the event and he hopes it to be a grand success and summit of cricket lovers.

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