The New Justice League Trailer Easter eggs.


Justice League dropped last Saturday and the fandom just exploded with the new 163 second trailer, which sparked rumours of a varied extent in the fandom. This 163 second trailer involves cameos by all five of the six main members of the Justice League, as per the comic books. However it also contains a glimpse of Amy Adams who plays Lois Lane, not ruling out the role of Henry Cavill as Superman in the later trailers when the studio has already confirmed that Superman is in the movie. The trailer also contains a scene where, it shows an old J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Jim Gordon, who has a chat with Batman (Ben Affleck). Other than this, here are a few more Easter eggs.

  1. Amber Heard as Queen Mera.
    The involvement of Amber Heard as Queen Mera, has always been looked forward to by all fans, playing the Queen to Aquaman , Jason Momoa (also known as Khal Drogo in Game Of thrones), keeping open a variety of stories for DC to build upon later, like the Flashpoint Paradox, which has set the old comic series into the New 52 path. Apart from that storyline it also involves the alternate storyline of Superman with the queen of Atlantis, saucy as it may sound.
  2. T.A.R. Labs
    The involvement of S.T.A.R. labs means a whole new dimension to this series, with Kiersey Clemons being cast as Iris West, egging us on to the conclusion that a standalone Flash movie is on the cards. Pretty much like Marvel’s Spiderman Homecoming, this movie could also be the launchpad for such movies.
  3. Billy Crudrup as Henry Allen
    This means, the studio is heavily investing on the idea of a standalone Flash timeline, and not only that, it may also contain, the many world flash timeline where, the Flash of many worlds may come along, with characters like Kid Flash, Jesse Quick, Jay Garrick, Black Flash and Bart Allen as well.
  4. Julian Lewis Jones in an undisclosed role

Julian Lewis Jones known for his roles in Invictus, The Bank Job, Zero Dark Thirty may be in the role of either Deathstroke or Darkseid. Both of which become also launchpads different timelines. For involvement of Deatstroke means inclusion of Green Arrow, Black Canary, Talia Al Ghul, White Canary and many colourful characters.


Now, it remains to be seen, what happens in the future trailers leading up to November 17th , with an air of uncertainty around Green Lantern’s as well a Martian Manhunter’s casting. Well we just have to wait and see for now. Also a reminder that the origin movie of Wonder Woman releases this June 2nd.

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