The Store That Sells 270 Flavours of Rasgollas in Kolkata


If you are a resident of Kolkata, it is in your blood that you are in love with sweet dishes. The city of joy with its great sweets and desserts always gives you a warm welcome to festivals. Rasgolla is a sweet the Bengalees die for and drool over.

Haldiram did provide us with strawberry and mango flavoured rasgolla. We are also introduced to vanilla and chocolate, two in one flavoured rasgolla due to the boon of marriage and birthday invitations.

Now, you should know this place in Kolkata offering you 270 flavours of the rasgolla. From green chilli to Alphonso, every flavour is available in this store.


Kolkata’s Swati Saraf presents to you rasgolla of various flavours such as Kairi Rasgolla, Cappucino flavoured, Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Mangosteen, Gundi Paan shot Rasgolla, Green Apple, Thai flavoured, Elaichi or Saunf rasgolla, Red Guava, Barley lemon flavoured rasgolla.

You can also have Karela and Kadipata rasgolla if you are health conscious. For low-fat consumption and dieting Organic Rose, Watermelon, Blueberry, Alphonso and Litchi etc flavours are also available.

Visit the place and have a wonderful adventure with the sweet of our hearts.