The Winner of Olympics Gold Medals Pushes Wheelchair Now


Achievements never fade away, people say. Rajbir, winner of two gold medals in the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games held in Los Angeles, saw the other way of achievements being oblivion. His dreams have turned into dust and he is now pushing wheelchairs for an NGO. Yes, indeed this is a great loss in the athletic world of India.

Rajbir suffers from ‘below average intellectual and adaptive functioning’. In the Special Olympics, he won two gold medals in cycling. He was given a warm welcome when he came back to India. The SAD-BJP government decided to honour him with 15 lakhs. The CM also promised him 1 lakh as a reward. Little did Rajbir knew about the hollowness of these promises and ended up getting nothing. Union government gave him 10 lakhs but ofcourse it has not matured yet.

With no help from the Government, he was compelled to work as a labour and load bricks with his father. During this time, Gaurpreet Singh, the owner of Manukhta Di Sewa came forward. He helped Rajbir to maintain his diet and medications. Rajbir now pushes a Wheelchair and works in an NGO.

In this way, the talents of Indian Atheists are fading away. If this is not the high time and the government doesn’t come forward, there will be thousands of Rajbir which is totally unacceptable.

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