Uttarakhand Cop Protects Muslim Boy From Angry Mob


In an incident the likes of which are decreasing each day, and in times of social turmoil, Ramnagar’s Gagandeep Singh saved a Muslim boy from the wrath of a mob after he was allegedly found with a Hindu girl in a temple.

The group met in a temple in Girija village, a sparsely populated region, where they were caught by a group of violent men.

In the video of the incident that had gone viral, Sub-Inspector Gagandeep Singh came to save the boy lest the angry mob lynch him to death. He confronted the group all alone, while protecting the boy from those who were baying for his blood. A fellow police officer was seen trying to keep the mob in check..

The group allegedly started chanting anti-police slogans when Singh refused to hand over the boy to them. The gate of the temple was shut.

Gagandeep’s protection didn’t go down well with the group. Witnesses reported that the boy was sitting on the floor after being thrashed by the angry group of men, and the girl was arguing with them. One man allegedly threatened both of them to death.

An officer from Ramnagar police station confirmed to The Quint that the incident had occurred on the said day. “Two boys and a girl were sitting inside the temple. Some of the other attendees and workers at the temple raised an objection. Sub-Inspector Gagandeep Singh happened to be there. He took control of the situation and rescued the boy from the spot,” the officer said.

The police has reported to have contacted the families of the boy and the girl. “We called their families and handed them over.”

The group had allegedly roughed up the boy and his friend by the time police arrived at the scene.