WhatsApp Starts Displaying a Label for Forwarded Messages


There’s a new feature for Android Beta users in WhatsApp with the latest version 2.18.179. Whenever you forward a message to another person, the message will be now labelled as ‘Forwarded.’ This will make it easier for users to distinguish between the normal and forwarded messages. For now this feature is present only in the Beta version of Android. But it is expected to roll out to stable versions of Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms soon. WhatsApp has been said working on this feature for months now, but it’s rolled out with the latest beta version of Android.

Workings of the feature: Whenever you forward a new feature to someone in your contact list or a group, that message will have a ‘forwarded‘ label on top along with symbol. Currently, the forwarded message appears as a normal message, but that’s going to change with the future change.
There’s also a fact that it may get annoying because now people will know when you’ve forwarded a message.

To forward a message, a user has to tap and hold the message, then the forward message symbol will appear on the top right. Hitting that button will take you to the recent chats list where you can find the contact or group to forward the selected message. It is also possible to forward multiple messages at once. Some twitter users are claiming they’ve already received this feature. As of now, this is the only feature rolled out with the WhatsApp Beta 2.18.179.